What is SCAN? SCAN is a one-order, one-invoice North American suburban and community newspaper classified advertising network. SCAN is one of the largest and most cost-effective newspaper classified advertising networks in North America. They offer about 950 weekly, daily and community newspapers.

What Sets SCAN Apart From Other Newspaper Networks? A lot of networks focus on the free shoppers - those throwaway papers you pick up on the way out of the grocery store. You glance at them once, then lose them under the seat in your car. SCAN focuses on high quality, suburban papers, filled with interesting articles and community info. Also, they concentrate on more affluent areas, where people have the money to invest in new opportunities.

Ad Rate: $1,150 for 25 words

Bolding: We will bold any words you wish.
However, we cannot guarantee every paper will bold
all of the same words.

Deadline: Wednesday at 1PM EST prior to scheduled run week. Ads run from Sunday to the following Saturday.

Readers ... 60% have incomes of $50,000/year or more.
76% own their own residence.
70% have gone on to college.

Sun Times
is now part of the SCAN Network!
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